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Private Label Wholesale Eyewear

Your Exclusive Private Label Wholesale Eyewear Supplier

At WMP Eyewear, we offer you the ability create your very own line of private label sunglasses and eyeglasses. Whether you’re a small or large business, we specialize in finding all the latest trends at affordable wholesale prices for your specific needs. You’ll be able to easily add your custom logo to everything, from the frames to the case. We have unparalleled customer service, catering to your needs at every turn, making sure your line of private label eyewear is ready to sell.


Why Get Private Label Wholesale Products?

The main advantage is simple— it’s exclusively your own line of sunglasses and eyeglasses which you can sell to your customers. Since you’ll be buying products at low wholesale prices from us, you’ll be able to sell the items at a high margin to make a profit. And by having your own private label eyewear, you’ll be able offer your customers exclusive products which will build loyalty to your brand. There’s nothing better than giving your customers something trendy at a price they can afford. This will provide your business with important income, while also increasing the reach of your branding.
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Our Team is Dedicated to Your Eyewear Needs

Starting out as a small family owned retailer in 2011, WMP Eyewear has since grown into a global supplier of wholesale eyewear. Even though we’ve seen incredible growth, we’re still true to our roots. We believe in family-driven customer service to make sure you get the right products with the right branding. We’ve always believed in providing high quality eyewear at an affordable price, and our catalog features all of the hottest trends at the lowest possible prices. Our goal is to turn you into a life long customer, making us your go-to for private label products now and in the future. Since dedication to your needs is our top priority, we’ll always take the time to be at your side throughout the whole process, taking special care to make sure your line of eyewear is perfectly tailored to your specific brand.
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What Other Eyewear Services Do We Offer?

Our private label program gives you lots of options to show off your branding. Aside from choosing high quality eyewear from our wholesale catalog, you’ll be able to get your custom logo on any item we offer. Your logo can appear on the following: lenses, frames, pouches, hard cases, and even special gift boxes. We also provide digital mockups to show you exactly what you’ll get beforehand. That way you can make changes before anything gets printed.